Healthy Snack Ideas

For my first post I decided to provide you all with information that is pretty self-explanatory. I have recently become obsessed with using Pinterest, and coincidentally enough there is a lot of material on that site that will certainly be helpful to our project. Something that I recently came across was an article regarding 100 healthy snack ideas. This is something I feel as though everyone can benefit from! It’s definitely challenging to try to incorporate healthy snacks into our daily lives, especially when we are so “on the go” as college students. Yet, I think that a number of these snack ideas are portable or could at least be brought around in Tupperware!

Take a look at the list and let us know what you think. Maybe some things can be added. The list itself was taken from… so be sure to browse their website as well!

The point of eating is to satiate oneself and to provide oneself with the necessary nutrients to survive. Snacking can be both healthy and enjoyable, and I think that this list reflects that notion. Try to incorporate some of these ideas into your diet routine and pick up these food items the next time you go to the grocery store! If you only buy healthy food items you will eat healthier.


This post will also be located under our HEALTH/NUTRITION page.


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