Eat More and Lose Weight

I know the title sounds a little paradoxical or oxy-moronic, but in fact there is a way to bulk up your diet rich in nutrients and protein and lose weight while in the process. Naturally, you need to continue to exercise and stay active, but by adding an abundance of fruits, vegetables and proteins to your meals, you will find yourself more full yet less heavy. The tips and tricks on how to do this is in this blog post I found through Pinterest of course!

The blog post covers how to make different healthy salads and soups in addition to which fruits and vegetables are the best to load onto your plate. I know I see a lot of people thinking that they are being healthy by eating a salad, when in fact they are actually loading on dressings, croutons, breaded chicken, etc. If you want to create a healthy salad, use a vinaigrette based dressing or fat free ranch; creamy blue cheese has an abundance of grams of fat. In addition, try to cut back on the extra toppings as I said before. If you want a fruity taste add dried cranberries, slices of mandarin oranges or something along that nature. It’s great if you’re already making salads like this of course!

So here is the blog post… enjoy 🙂

Eat More and Lose Weight



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