Healthier Dining Hall Items

Here are some suggestions on what you could pick in the cafeteria. The options in the cafeteria seem to vary on a day to day basis but the staples, such as cereal or juices seem to be relatively constant and can be a good option instead of french fries or hamburgers.

Here are some options:

– Whole grain cereals (cheerios, raisin bran, special K , etc.)

– Wheat breads, bagels, English muffins

– Fresh fruit

– Fruit juices

– Grilled lean meats

– Pork

– Poultry

– Fish

– Rice

– Beans

– Pasta

– Baked Potatoes

– Fresh green salads

– Yogurt

– Chicken/Beef stir-frys

– Deli sandwiches (no mayonnaise)


What to try to avoid?

– French fries

– Fried chicken or fish

– Hot dogs

– Fatty meats

– Hamburgers

– Cheese

– Casseroles

-Mayonnaise, cream cheese

– Sour cream and butter


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