Reuben Sandwich

Since it is the day after St.Patty’s day I thought this would be fitting. Reuben sandwiches are my favorite sandwiches ever, but unfortunately I only eat them about once or twice a year. Here are great instructions on what to do with your leftovers from St. Patrick’s day and how to make them into a delicious Reuben sandwich. Enjoy!


Reuben Sandwich St. Patrick’s Day Leftovers

Minutes to Cook: 5 Minutes

Serving: 1



      2 Slices Rye
      3 oz. Boars Head Corned Beef
      1 Slice Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese
                 1 Tbsp. Fat Free Thousand Island Dressing Sauerkraut


Cook sauerkraut to boil, then add all ingredients on to rye bread, then spray top and bottom of bread with Pam, place sandwich in George Forman grill or stove top grill, done when bread is toasty brown on both sides and cheese is melted. YUM!
Makes 1 sandwich

Number of Servings: 1

Recipe submitted by SparkPeople


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