Adjusting Your Eating

I found this article today and when I read the title, “Cut 400 calories a day” I thought that it seemed close to impossible to cut that amount of calories out of your diet, “painlessly.” The article proved me to be wrong though. The article makes some very simple points, but important points. For example, portion size and “food swaps.” The saying, you are what you eat has been around for a long time and it has proven to be true. This article though, shows that you can eat what you want,  but just chose the healthy choice and the healthy portion. Check out the article and see what you think.


Cut 400 Calories a Day (Painlessly!)

Cut calories left and right with these incredibly simple food swaps
Down your dairy.
Swap a 12 oz. café mocha with whipped cream (290 calories) for a 12 oz. nonfat cappuccino (60 calories) and trade a Fage Total Classic yogurt (260 calories) for a Fage Total 0% (90 calories).
Save: 400 calories

Shrink your cereal and juice.
Have a granola bar (118 calories) instead of a cup of granola (299) with 1 cup whole milk (149 calories). Down it with a large Florida orange (69 calories) instead of 10 ounces of processed OJ (150 calories).
Save: 411 calories

Slim your sandwich.
Spread one tablespoon of mustard (9 calories) on your sandwich instead of one tablespoon of mayonnaise (103 calories), skip a 1-oz. slice of Swiss cheese (106 calories) and put it in a large pita (165 calories) instead of between two slices of sourdough bread (370 calories).
Save: 405 calories

Deduct from dessert.
Trade a one-cup scoop of vanilla ice cream (274 calories) in a waffle cone (121 calories) covered with two tablespoons of chocolate syrup (109 calories) for a cup of vanilla frozen yogurt (221 calories) topped with a half cup of strawberries (27 calories) and have club soda (0 calories) instead of a 12-oz can of root beer (152 calories).
Save: 408 calories

Cut a few carbs.
Have a baked sweet potato (105 calories per medium) seasoned with cayenne pepper or other spices instead of a russet potato (161 calories) topped with butter (one tablespoon is 102 calories), cheddar cheese (one ounce is 114 calories), and sour cream (one tablespoon is 23 calories), and swap one cup cooked sweet yellow corn (143 calories) for one cup cooked spinach with salt (41 calories).
Save: 397 calories

Break your breakfast routine.
Instead of a plain bagel with cream cheese (500 calories) and a regular latte (220 calories), have a filling bowl of organic hot oatmeal (210 calories, 3.5 g fat, 7 g protein) with one cup of blueberries (80 calories) and 1/2 cup of raspberries (30 calories) and a cup of black (for caffeine) or green (no/low caffeine) tea (0 calories each).
Save: 400 calories

Snack yourself slim.
Instead of snacking on a blueberry scone (460 calories) for a mid-morning snack, and a small bag of salt & vinegar chips (150 calories) post-lunch, have a Greek yogurt (90 calories) with honey (64 calories one tablespoon) for the morning snack and a caramel rice cake (50 calories) for the afternoon snack.
Save: 406 calories

Slice some smart spuds.
Instead of 6 ounces of potato chips (600 calories), thinly slice sweet potatoes (160 calories) and toast them in the oven at 250 degrees for half an hour. Low-fat sour cream and dill make a healthy dip (3 teaspoons is only 35 calories).
Save: 405 calories

Sip a smoothie.
Make your own all-fruit drink and skip chain smoothies, some of which can pack more than 600 calories. Gay Riley, RD, owner of net suggests this recipe: Blend 2 slices of pineapple (4 oz), 1 apple, 1 peeled beet, 1 carrot, 1⁄2 cup of organic apple juice, and a dash of water and ice. It makes two servings of 12 ounces and is only 115 calories each.
Save: 485 calories

Read more at Women’s Health:


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