About our Project

Hello Everyone,

Here is our project proposal so you know what our project is all about. We have chosen to focus our capping project on giving college students, athletes or not, the necessary tools to create a healthy lifestyle. The project will include a Twitter account, blog and hopefully an event to push this information out to Marist students. The blog will be our focal point and landing page for this material; we plan to have subsections covering recipes, workouts, nutritional facts and other healthy tips and tricks. Currently, the event that we have in mind would be to comprise a panel of coaches, athletic trainers, nutritionists, etc. and have them speak to students on how they can attain this lifestyle.

The inspiration for this project came from our own personal experiences. As a freshman non-athlete, trying to figure out an exercise routine can be challenging. Additionally trying to create a nutritionally balanced meal when you eat at the cafeteria for every meal can seem impossible. When student-athletes are in between seasons, these same problems arise. Furthermore, athletes experience their friends coming to them for advice on work out routines and nutrition, so we hope this project will help them better communicate these notions. Overall, we would like to provide both an affordable and achievable template that allows students to live a healthy life.

Through our set social media outlets, we are going to push information to followers and readers. On our blog, as mentioned above, healthy and quick recipes, workout routines, nutrition tips and other advice regarding healthy habits will be provided. It will be up and running on February 6, 2012. Our individual Twitter accounts will be used to further promote our blog and bring attention to the articles.

Julie is currently taking a boxing course through Marist and will write about how students can easily mirror and attain this workout as well. Allyson, as a cross-country and track runner, will write a spotlight on how easy and surprisingly fun it can be to implement running into your daily life. Additionally, we will make use of video recordings and pictures to show students how simple it is to cook up a healthy meal in minutes.

In closing, it is our hope that through this project we will provide students with a crash course on how to live healthier. Our overall goal is to teach students, whether they are freshmen or seniors, how to eat a balanced diet, how to work out regularly and ultimately how to feel better about themselves.

-Allyson and Julie


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